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Crocodiles, Monkeys, Birds, and so much more

What's a trip to a tropical country without doing what pretty much every tourist does, go on some excursions to check things out? Now, we've known from the start of this adventure that we would be coming back to this beautiful country many times with the eventuality of a permanent move, so we've limited our excursions for the time being - we're going to have plenty of time to check out the entire country in the years to come. However having said that, I thought I would list some of the many different types of guided excursions that you will find in Costa Rica. You'll find river boat cruises, zip lining, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, national park and volcano tours, jungle hikes (day or night), coffee plantation tours, sunset cruises, fishing cruises, and the list goes on and on...So, if you've ever had reservations about going to Costa Rica because you think it's just a bunch of yoga fanatics, well, yes there are those people, but there is so much more.

Here a just a few photographs of some of our excursions we've taken in the last few years.

Enjoying the sun, an iguana working on his tan

A birder's paradise..

Bats lined up on the dark side of a tree trunk

Let's not go for a swim in the Rio Tempisque...

Someone seems a little grumpy!


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