top of page's wet..must be rainy season again in Costa Rica.

I realize it's been a few months since my last post, so I figured I should get my head out of my butt and get writing. I'll be honest, it's been a long Summer and it seems Fall just started but we already have a few inches of snow on the ground in Calgary - not that that's unusual, but it's still disappointing. I've noticed that as I get older, my tolerance for the white stuff on the ground is pretty much gone...I can't wait to leave this and be living in a climate where the only snow in sight is from a street vendor selling coconut flavoured snow cones. "Oh thank god this will be our last winter in Calgary", that's what we said one year ago....and here we are, still in Calgary, being held hostage by a global pandemic that has brought international travel almost to a grinding halt. Sure, we could travel to Costa Rica right now as the borders have slowly been opening up, but we would have countless hoops to jump through, additional insurances to purchase, hours spent in an airport, and even less desirable, 7 hours spent in a tin tube flying at 40,000ft alongside who knows how many other a passengers risking it all just to get away for a bit..It's just not worth the risk, headaches, stresses, and added costs right at this, we continue to let the pandemic run it's course in hopes that the second wave goes away just as quickly as it came and that a treatment or a vaccine becomes available to help put the world at ease. If only we knew when that would happen...In the meantime, we continue seeing progress on our house, and oh ya, it's wet....must be rainy season again in Costa Rica.

It's interesting to see some of the differences between construction practices in Central America versus North America..Up here, we would never see the house interior getting painted before the windows and doors get installed...well, guess what, In Costa Rica it's not that uncommon, they simply don't have the same worries when it comes to climate, they only have to worry about sunshine or rain...and if it rains, they just put tarps over the window opening so that the fresh coat of paint doesn't simply wash away..or worse yet, the drywall gets soaked. Needless to say, it's been interesting to watch as the progress continues, and I must add, it's very exciting to see the more "finished" look of the house, even without windows, doors, or tiles on the floor...we're getting there, slowly but surely, and when it's done it is going to be amazing. And it will all make for a heck of a story once its all done, and we've moved to our acre and half in paradise.

These are all pictures of some of the interior paint, as well as the stucco for the exterior of the house. So nice to see a more finished look!


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