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Oh my gosh, where to begin...

So, we figured out that we wanted to have a home somewhere in the tropics, but where? There are so many things to consider, from overall climate, to culture, language, government, healthcare, and so on...the list just goes on. So it was time to hit the internet and start doing some research. We wanted a place that was a popular destination for tourists, but also most importantly for ex-pats. If there's a good solid population of ex-pats there must be something pretty special about the place. Let's face it for the most part people won't be too keen on moving to a country that is in complete chaos, has lousy healthcare, a terrible economy, and a government that is a complete disaster (sounds somewhat familiar). Throughout our research we kept reading about Costa Rica - one of the happiest countries in the world....heck, lets go check it out.

A few airline tickets later...

Up-up and away


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