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Oh ya, permits..

Well, it's been a few months since my last post and I was hoping to have some fun updates on progress of the build but sadly I don't..Permits got in the way, oh ya, kind of need those and it seems that they weren't renewed at the beginning of the here we are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the permits to be signed by the municipality so that the show can go on. We're now into our 3rd week of waiting for the permits to be good to go, and I think we will finally get some good news, or maybe not. In the meantime, since nothing has been going on on the property we have been on a hunt for plumbing valves for our showers. A few years ago we bought faucets and shower parts for the bathrooms and little did we realize that the shower kits that we bought came with everything needed except the brass valves...and of course the valves are specific to the brand of shower parts. So we asked our builder if they could source the valves in Costa Rica....nope, no can do no store carries them that they know of. They don't carry those parts in the country so we have two choices: (1) just buy new shower kits from a local hardware store and be disappointed in the selection, quality and price or (2) we can order some valves online and have them shipped to a freight forwarding company then onto Costa Rica. The answer was quite simple, lets just order the valves and whatever else we think of that we might need and get it going right away so that the parts might be there in a few weeks to install and finish up the bathrooms. Who would have thought that valves would be the thing that stops progress in the bathrooms, well that and the fact that the building permits expired...So for anyone out there that is considering going down the same path and building a house in Costa Rica (or any Central American country for that matter), make sure that if you buy stuff for your build, read the fine print on the packaging to make sure to know if there is anything else that needs to go along with it - parts are a bitch to find. Luckily this won't cause a big delay and there are plenty of other things they can be working on once the permits are in place!

The elusive Delta shower valve


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