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Remember the windows and doors we ordered more than a year ago...

If you've been following my blog since I started writing you'll know that we've been in the construction phase for about three years now. Yes you read that right, three years. You'd think we were building a structure similar to the pyramids in Egypt but we're not, honestly. There are several factors that have contributed to the slowest build on earth but none more so than the fact that we're trying to pace it with the state of the world that was turned upside down just over a year ago. No point in rushing to get it done to just sit vacant since we can't even travel out of Canada to go for a visit. From the government making a "deal" with the airlines to shutdown services to sun destinations until at least April 30, 2021, then the quarantine requirements in government mandated hotels upon return to Canada, oh and lets not forget that the land borders between Costa Rica and Nicaragua & Panama are still closed making border runs for resetting tourist visas a little unpredictable. We realize that it would take a feat of complex acrobatics to get out of our own country at this point and lets not even think about the trip back to for now we're stuck here so we need to just keep looking at the bright side that we are healthy, employed - albeit miserably, and every week that goes by is one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Remember the windows and doors we ordered more than a year ago, well they are finally being installed this coming week! Hip hip hooray, they've been sitting in storage for about 10 months, so it's finally time to dust them off and get the installation going. We got some sneak a peak pictures last week of some of the windows that had been delivered (you may have seen pics on my Instagram page). I must say, they do things a little differently in Costa Rica for windows and doors. They ship all of the window and door frames without any glass in them - perhaps this is due to weight I really don't know, but the glass comes separately and then is to be installed once all the frames are in - weird, but hey if it works I'm good with it. I'm just happy that we will finally see the house with actual windows and doors and that it can be closed from the elements since rainy season is yet again just around the corner, a time when critters will be looking for a dry place to hide and what better place then a vacant home that is somewhat open to the elements - close that thing up ASAP!. Another exciting bit that will be happening this week is the installation of the patio and garage railings. Everything is really starting to come together and before we know it we may actually have a completed house...

Stay tuned for more updates as I'm sure I'll have some exciting photos to share later this week!

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