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When the going gets tough...

You'll notice that this blog post is a little different then many of my previous posts, and I think there's a pretty decent reason behind it. You may have heard or read in the news recently about this thing call Covid-19...a corona virus that has resulted in a global pandemic...ah...gee whiz...why? why does this have to happen now... Everywhere we turn these days, it's corona virus this, corona virus that, social distancing, self isolation, entire countries on lock-down, people dying - holy crap, this is just getting ridiculous.

How does this have anything to do with my blog? Well, it's quite simple, I may run out of construction updates in the next little bit, as things have slowed right down on our construction project. Sadly, the pandemic has slowed our progress somewhat (understandably), but hopefully not for too long. Heck, our gated community has even requested that non-residents and contractors limit their activities on the property. In the meantime, in Canada while the masses scramble to buy toilet paper and lysol wipes, my wife and I are doing the best we can in our tiny little apartment, living day by day and holding onto our dream. It's important during these crazy times, to keep a level head and to try not to be too immersed in the hectic goings on of the outside world. We all need to stay positive, keep at least two meters away from people, cough or sneeze into your elbows...and remember, Billy Ocean said it best, "when the going gets tough"...

We'll get through this! #monkeytreeliving


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